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Turmoil Zine

Turmoil Zine

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Turmoil Zine features over 70 pages of visual completeness that pours from the mind of Felix Prangenberg.

"Turmoil" - a state of extreme confusion, uncertainty or lack of order.

The lack of order in this one is real.
76 pages of analog and digital photos, lino cut prints, sketches, textures, messing around with stencil paper, layering all of it at once and more. No real concept, I just went for what felt right to me.

I started all this when I knew I was gonna be at home for 5 weeks at a time which is the longest I’ve been home in over a year. I’m not gonna lie, I was burned out from riding and traveling so much over the years and just needed something else to dive into and let my body and mind heal in the meantime.

Over the years I’ve learned how important it is to find the balance, to have something outside of BMX that actually keeps you going. Everything in this little zine is what I’ve learned to love over the years and is something that brings me joy. Can’t wait to work on the next one!

Also - my friend Thomas @omlet.101 enriched this little project with 2 double pages.

- Felix Prangenberg

Each issue is signed and numbered.

Turmoil is limited to 20 copies.

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