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35 - Felix Prangenberg

35 - Felix Prangenberg

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Introducing 35, a new photo book from Silent which focuses on the often backseat talents of pro riders. Book 1 is with Felix Prangenberg and features over 70 photos shot from Felix using his Olympus MJU1 and Olympus AF1.

When you ride bikes at a pro level, you travel a lot, and with constant travel comes a unique perspective on life. We realised that so many riders take a 35mm along for the “ride” so why not start to print these photos instead of them never even getting close. Film should always be printed, any way possible.

You can follow Felix photo work on his @pbergsnaps account.

35 is printed on 130gsm silk, with a 300gsm cover. 35 is 100 pages. 35 is limited 35 copies.
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