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Easy Linda, How are you and how has your 2023 been? 

Hey! Thanks, I am good! 2023 has been a good year even though it’s been a tough one too. I started riding my bike again after one year of recovery from my broken heal bone. It took a while to get back on the bike and feel confident again, but I finished school and finally moved to Cologne. Even though I miss Austria it’s nice to be around good spots and a healthy BMX scene.


Glad that you’ve got over the injury and are back feeling good again. So, the new Cliché video was well good. Let people know what Cliché is?


I noticed that there was no Women’s BMX video which was also organized and produced by Women. I thought its time that we go out and create something by ourselves, I guess. I asked a few girls who I thought were a good fit for the project and asked Teresa Grauten if she wants to film and edit the whole thing. Then we asked a few brands if they want to support the cliché project and in April 2022 we went on our first trip. On that trip we noticed that we not only want to do this one project - so cliché as a crew was born. Cliché consists of Emma Finnegan, Anahi Alevaro, Francina Fernandez, Wibke Vogel, Jorid Eilts, Teresa Grauten and me. 


What are the next moves for Cliché?


We filmed two trip videos now. But the dream is to film a full length where every girl has her own part. I think that will be the main thing for the next years.


Sick, so switching it up, how did you get into BMX?


Photo: Alexander Seggebaing

I danced hip hop and breakdanced for a while and planned to go to a workshop from a French b-boy. The workshop was pretty far away from my hometown, so we stayed at the house of my friend’s boyfriend, and he was a BMX rider. In the evening we went to the skatepark, and I tried to ride a little bit. Two months later I bought my own bike and was hooked. A few months later I also stopped dancing because I spent all my time at the skatepark. I think I was 18 at the time. 


Haha, that’s fuckin rad. What a way to get into BMX. Did you find the BMX community welcoming in the beginning?

Yes, definitely! It doesn’t matter if it was the scene in Austria at my local skatepark, the scene in Switzerland where I lived for a year or when I met new people at events. I always felt welcome. 


That is good to hear. How do you feel about the woman’s side of BMX in 2023? 


The women’s street scene is small, but it is definitely evolving. This year has been pretty good for women’s street BMX. More and more girls get into it and the level improves fast from what I see but I feel like us girls must do our part and go out and film videos and ride and show up for events in order to grow a proper girls street scene and help younger girls get into it. But also, the events and the BMX scenes should show us that we are welcome and have space to be there. For example, by inviting girls or doing a women’s classes. I mean it is 2023 and we still must fight for things like that. 


Agreed, hope they read this and take note. Now if I was swinging via Cologne. What is your favourite coffee/food spot for recommendation?


Something that always works is Falafel König, honestly the best Falafel sandwich I have ever eaten haha. 


Ooh I think I’ve been there, it does slap pretty good. Speaking of slapping. What’s your spot heaven?


Barcelona. Although for filming I think it is cool to go to cities where not too many BMX videos have been filmed already. Makes the clips more interesting in my opinion.


Barca is a fair shout. Who doesn’t love that place? Haha. Now what’s the Spot hell? 

Austria! Vienna is good though!


Never been there but I’ll bare it in mind. When it comes to riding street, it can be dangerous for several reasons. Are there any tips you could give to surviving in the streets?


Bring wax. And know when spots are rideable and when you are going to get kicked out. 


Ahhh Noted! Have you got any last shout-outs and words for the people? 


Check out cliché! I am pretty proud of all the girls in the crew. They are killing it! 

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