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Right then Jack, what’s in your cubby?

All that’s in that cupboard is the swag that I need for day to day living

Oh aye, so what’s the best item in the cupboard?

That’s a hard one to choose… but probably the dime x vans Rowley’s that I haven’t even worn yet, they are just too nice.

Nice, ok, so let’s say I burst into your house and robbed your cupboard while you were sleeping. What would you miss the most?

I would be pretty upset if you took all my polar big boys, spent too much of mums money on them ones.


Yeah, I’d have them. Ok so what the least expensive item?

A pair of second hand orange Lizzie McGuire Primark socks. 

Second hand? Oof, and most expensive item? 

Polar big boys that I spray painted, they are basically now priceless.

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