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Hey Bruno! You’ve been blessing our screens with some cool video projects recently. How was our house trip?

Hey man, yea it was good. The past few years ourhouse has been teaming up with so they are providing us vehicles. The ourhouse head office is in Frankfurt, so it’s super convenient for me! This time we went just south of Barcelona so we crossed some (at least for me) untouched spots in Switzerland and France.

Untouched spots are always a good find. You’ve recently been given the role of TM for federal. How did that come about?

Bakos said he wanted to move and focus more on photographic jobs, then my name came about since I’ve been helping with some trips anyways.

Will this change much for you? As you are a pro rider for the company too?

So far not really, but I guess I’ll see after the first big team trip, haha. That was my main concern, that people might not see me as an active rider anymore but the more I talked about it with other people the more motivated I was to do it. Going to Japan earlier this year and planning/booking the whole trip really helped me with this decision, it’s just fun seeing things come together and being actively involved behind the scenes and the riding part obviously

That’s sick man! You’ll be fine haha. When you’ve got these trips planned. Are you going to be the type of tm who’s up at 6am making breakfast or the type who just goes with the flow? 

I guess somewhere in-between, but I’m not worried since we‘ve done so many trips together it really is a big family, as cheesy as it sounds….

No, I get what you’re saying. Are you gonna be better than Bakos?

He was the best really.

Yeah he is to be fair. When it comes to the teammates. Do you reckon you’re gonna have to do much babysitting?

Nah, everyone knows why they are there so everyone can do whatever they want.

That’s a good way to look at it. What plans have you got in the works for the federal team?

Photo: Hikaru Funyu

Yea there’s a few things in the works you’ll see soon.

So if one all the Federal riders were drowning but you could only save one, who would it be?

Obviously like all equally.

Smart play. Respectable. When you’re getting ready for a trip. What are your trip essentials?

Just the usual, passport, wallet, laptop and bike I guess. Don’t really have anything specific things to bring on trips besides the most needed, haha.

I feel you. Where are the top five riding locations you’ve ever been to?

That’s a pretty tough one but I would say Tel Aviv, New York, London, Berlin and Sydney. In no order obviously.

Ha, always forget you’ve been literally everywhere. Before we conclude this brief interview. Any last shout-outs and words for the people? 

Thanks to Stu and Colin at federal and the whole squad for trusting me on this. Thanks to Vans, Redbull, Eclat and ourhouse for the continuous support and thanks to my friends and family. Much love.

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