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Hey Grant, How’s it been going?

Things have been a bit up and down with the loss of my filming position but I have switched gears and started work on an independent full length video project that I couldn’t be more excited about.

Top 3 favourite filmers of all time and why?

Tony Ennis, Navaz and Mike Mastroni. They have made some of my favourite and most watched videos. Timeless classics that have aged well, typically featuring good follow filming on the skateboard too, tasteful b-roll, and clean editing. All in service to the riding and the spot.

Why do you think video parts are important for BMX?

I think it’s one of the most important things for BMX. When done well they can highlight a rider’s best or most interesting work which inevitably helps push progression. That doesn’t always mean progressive riding - it could be pushing what we see as a spot or how to ride a traditional spot. But this is best highlighted in a video part because it can be more easily accessed which allows for more overall value. Which is really important to motivating other riders and the next generation.

What is your advice for kids to get into filming?

It’s actually pretty simple. Get a camera and film your friends. The equipment doesn’t matter nearly as much as the act. Enjoy every minute of the process. If you care to get better, then rewatch videos you enjoy and ask yourself what about it really speaks to you. Then try to implement those principles into your own work. Honestly though, the most important part is the passion. Skills can be worked on, but passion doesn’t just come out of thin air.

The piece of equipment you value the most?

At the moment the canon 8-15 mm fisheye. I have a few different camera bodies over the years but the lens has remained a staple and I could not imagine life without it despite constantly needing to replace it.

Any last words?

I guess just to get out there and film with your friends. These times have meant the most to me in my life and provided me with fulfilment I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. If even a few people can get that of enrichment out of the process, then I feel like I have helped.

Word and Photos by Felix Prangenberg