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This Is United and Still United DVD Combo

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This Is United and Still United DVD Combo

This is United and Still United DVD Combo Two Nora Cup Award winning videos in one package.

  • THIS IS UNITED. Filmed from October 2008 – June 2010 on location in England France Germany Belgium Holland Spain South Africa Australia USA (way too many times) & Hawaii (technically not a country but a location none the less)
  • STILL UNITED After two and a half years of travelling riding and filming in ten different countries were stoked to celebrate our 10th anniversary and present you with the trailer for STILL UNITED our first full length project since the epic NORA cup winning THIS IS UNITED. Features: Jeff Kocsis Christian Rigal Geoff Slattery Corey Martinez Alax Valentino Nathan Wiliams. Plus: Jack Birtles Harry Mills-Wakley Sebastian Anton Dan Boiski Ian Morris Jimmy Rushmore Fernando Laczko Tom Deville and Nico Terrez. Filmer/editor Peter Adam
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